Abdur (Chongqing)



After I completed my degree, I wanted to travel and see the world. When Andrew visited my university to advertise his company, I was definitely persuaded by what he was telling me. The only thing that was stopping me was the daunting reality that I had to teach in a country where they hardly spoke English. I came to Andrew with this query and was met with understanding. He explained to me that it’s not as hard as it seems. It may seem difficult from the sounds of it, but honestly, it’s probably the easiest job you will ever do. On top of that, you’re in China! That’s pretty much how he explained it and I have nothing else to say which will explain it better than he did to me. On coming to China, Andrew was there to receive us at the airport. He made us feel at ease and, although I didn’t know anyone, I felt comfortable straight away. He introduced me to the rest of the group and after that it was plain sailing. This is probably the best company to go with if you’re planning on going to China. The boss helps you through each process and everything is made simple. What’s better than that when you’re planning on up and leaving your comfort zone for a whole year.