Applicants’ Instagrams

We will add current applicants’ Instagram accounts here, from time to time. Click the links to see what they’re up to out in China! It’ll get you nice and excited, and will paint quite the picture of life on the other side!

PS – Please don’t be shy about following these guys on Instagram. Applicants old and new – We are all friends here! It’s that kind of company. If however you’d feel a bit awkward following them, you don’t have to! You can still see their pics via the links below.

Charlie, did 1-2 years, now back in UK

Beth, Shanghai, Year 2

Liam, China 2018. Currently on second year in Beijing!

Ryan, Foshan, China 2019

Liam, Beijing, China 2019

Michael, Foshan, China 2019

Alison, Foshan, China 2019

Leah, Shanghai Pacican, China 2019

Emma, Shanghai Pacican, China 2019

Jake & Gemma, Foshan, China 2019, applied as a couple, placed together

Cian, Foshan, China 2019 (signed up in a group of 5 friends, all placed together)

Chantelle, China 2019, Foshan, applied as a group of 3 friends, all living and working together

Hayley, China 2019, Beijing

Melanie, Foshan, China 2019

Jessica, Foshan, China 2019

Chloe, Shanghai Pacican, China 2019

Sarah, China 2019, Nanning, Guangxi Province

Megan, China 2019, Foshan

Billy, Third Year @ same school, Guangdong Province

Danny, Did 2 Years in Shanghai, now back in UK

Melissa, did 2 Years in Foshan, now travelling the world

Neil, Foshan, second year at same school

Harriet, did 1 year in Beijing, now travelling the world

Amy, Shanghai, China 2018, second year at same school

Joanna, Chengdu, China 2019

Dean, on year number 3. Currently in Shanghai, was in Beijing prior

Shae, China 2018, Foshan, currently doing second year at same school 

Tom, Beijing, China 2018. Currently doing second year.

Dominic, Changzhou, China 2018, currently doing second year.

Stephanie, Shanghai, (not Pacican), China 2019

Federica, Jiujiang, China 2018.