We are currently going through a huge company re-launch and expansion. We have changed our name to TravelGrad.

We are now able to offer placements in Thailand and South Korea, both of which are currently unaffected by international travel restrictions.

Since September 1st 2021, we’ve had applicants fly out to both China & Thailand 🥳👻✈️ You can follow their adventures on our Instagram account!

Places for our Thailand & South Korea options are now limited, but there are remaining places for each, so please do reach out if you’d like to find out more.

We have temporarily suspended all new China applications, for any start date. We will continuously review this stance, month by month, and hope to be back taking new applications again soon. At this point however, we do not know when that may be. It is perhaps likeliest to be in January 2022, for August departure. None of this affects the applicants already signed up with us, or those who have deferred their China departure date to August 2022.

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Website revamp in process!

Many thanks for your continued interest and support in everything that we do😊