Blerim (Shijiazhuang)



If I ask myself what does it mean for me “China teaching experience”?!

I’m sure about my answer, I don’t have to stop and think about it, it means for me a big chance for a wonderful life experience in China, a big change given in the easiest way from this company with their professionalism on doing things. For me it is the only company I know who treat customers like a family, not just like a number, really serious company who do everything legally and don’t let all the process of the document to prepare by the customers, no company was ever so much with me step by step and of course telling me the best way to do every single process. I can say that during the process to go in China, I learned a lot also, it was an opportunity to learn more things I didn’t known before.  When I contacted Andrew first, the owner of the company, (first I have to sincerely say he’s such a positive person, really helpful and so patient, because i had a lot of questions and dilemmas about joining this experience in China)  I thought that it would just be like every company that just follow formalities and don’t care about your questions. This was the case with every other company I worked before with. BUT with this company NO, it was 100% different. Andrew was really ready to answer my questions about everything from the beginning until now. He tried to make me understand that everything would be perfect and in fact everything is going perfectly. During all the process of the preparation of documents China Teaching Experience was with me, helping with everything until I finished the process and I got the visa.

I’m sure that this company is the best one I have ever seen, and I think it is the only one that makes your China experience better than you ever wanted! Now I’m in China, living a wonderful experience here in Shijiazhuang. And I think I made the best decision ever to come here, because being here gives me the opportunity to get more than just teaching.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU, to Andrew as the owner of China Teaching Experience for making me feel like a human, not just like a number of his company.

So, you want a chance to live China experience, and you are looking for a good company? I definitely recommend you the best company ever: CHINA TEACHING EXPERIENCE!