• 10 month, salaried placement at a CEAIE-approved or MF-approved partner institution (school, college or university) – guaranteed – You will sign your contract, and therefore know exactly where you are going, before traveling to China. Salaries vary dependant on location, but tend to fall somewhere in the region of £500-£1600 monthly (which in China, is considered a serious amount of money).
  • TEFL Training. This includes a pre-departure, 60 hour online course, as well as some practical training at the induction camp in August. The TEFL is officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Department of Foreign Experts. *Food & Accommodation are also provided free of charge, to all applicants, for the duration of the camp.


  • Reimbursement of Return Flights (most typically to an approximate maximum of £850-£1350). *Applicants must pay for their flights upfront, and are refunded the money upon completion of their contract. This is a precaution that must be taken to protect against those who may seek to abuse the benefit. This means however that all applicants must have some way of coming up with this money before departing for China. It is likely that family, or interest-free overdrafts could come in handy here. About 95% of applicants opt for a one-way flight to China, to keep costs low in the first instance. This tends to cost them about £500. The flight home is often bought far in advance and tends to work out cheaper than the flight to China.
  • Furnished Accommodation, either on campus, or close by, for the entire duration of your stay in China. You will either have a private apartment, or a private room in shared accommodation. *The majority of your utilities are also usually paid (at least up to a ‘reasonable’ limit).


Extensive Advice and Support from The China Teaching Experience throughout the entire application process.

Payment Dates:

  • £99 confirms your place
  • £200 due by January 31st
  • £200 due by March 31st

Support in China: Local, ‘on the ground’ support is provided by the CEAIE and MF (both Beijing based) for the duration of your contract in China. You are also given access to an online SSP (sharing and support platform), which applicants have found wonderfully helpful, while out in China.

**Please note: We are not an employment agency. We instead promote cultural exchange opportunities. You are not paying us to find you a job. Any payment made by yourself to The China Teaching Experience Ltd. is solely for the use of our pre-departure support service.




  • Visa

UK Passports£150-£250 (depending whether you do it through an agency or an embassy, & whether you do it in person, or by post).

Non-UK passports – You can apply for your VISA in your home country (usually possible by post via an agency) – it tends to be far cheaper than the UK price, typically somewhere in the region of £50-£100.


  • Travel Insurance – The one linked on our website (‘Longstay Travel Insurance’ Tab) is about £250-300 for the whole year! Most applicants will likely go with that option. Alternatively you can look around the market for an alternative of your choice. Please just be careful that whichever one you buy does actually cover you for what you are going to be doing!


  • Vaccinations – Variable. It massively depends on what you decide to get, and where you decide to get it. Some applicants spend nothing, while some applicants spend hundreds. The average spend tends to be about £50.


  • Official Police Clearance – Approximately £25

Please note that applicants placed in Beijing are required to send the original copy of this police clearance certificate to Beijing by DHL/UPS before any VISA papers can be issued. The cost of this service is roughly £25 (Transglobal Express). We will advise these applicants on the procedure closer to the time.


  • Notarisation & Legalisation of 2 documents (Degree Certificate & Criminal Record Check)£290 (145 per document) with an agency called ChinaVisaDirect. It can be done by post and takes about 2 weeks.


  • Medical – Variable*

*All applicants are required to undergo a full medical examination upon arrival, IN CHINA. The cost of such is about £50, and is almost always (roughly 90% of applicants) covered by your school. In addition to this however, there is a pre-China element associated to your medical. This pre-China element varies region to region, year to year. There are 3 different scenarios that may occur:

1 – You may be lucky, and may simply be required to write a declaration, stating that you are ”fit and well enough to live in China, for 10 months”.

2 – You might be slightly less lucky, and require a 2-page medical document be completed by a UK doctor/hospital. The China Teaching Experience will give you this document, and there should be minimal costs involved (most applicants manage to get it done for free, while a handful of applicants have had to pay anything from £10-£200 for it. It seems to very much come down to how and where you ask for it. The average amount paid for it by our China 2017 applicants was about £30).

3 – You could however get unlucky, and require a more detailed medical examination. This includes HIV test, chest x-ray, & an ECG. The costs of such are variable. Applicants have been quoted anywhere from £0 to £250. It seems to very much come down to how and where you ask for it.

Low on initial cash?

In our opinion, those worried about costs would want to avoid option 3 above. The good news is that over the last 4 years, less applicants have required option 3 each year. With China 2015,  about 1/2 of our applicants needed it. With China 2016, this figure reduced to about 1/3. China 2017 and 2018 were the best years yet. NO APPLICANTS at all required the full medical! We hope this will be the case for China 2019 too!

Please note that the medical, criminal record, vaccinations and travel insurance costs referenced here are UK applicant costs. Applicants from countries other than the UK are themselves advised to research the cost of everything before deciding to take part.