Lesson Plan Library

We give all applicants access to our very own Lesson Plan Library before heading out to China. This is a compilation of lesson plans, ppt’s, and activities etc, sent to us by previous applicants.  The benefit of the lesson plan library is two-fold: In addition to giving you an idea of what a lesson plan actually looks like, applicants tend to use these plans in their actual classes out in China! The feedback we’ve had on this is that it greatly reduces the amount of time and effort, required by the applicants, for ‘lesson planning’, out in China, and that it significantly helps calm nerves in the lead up to departure for China!

We asked some applicants what they thought about the lesson plan library. Here is what they said:


Daniel Hamlett – ”The lesson plan library has been a giant help to me in my first two weeks of teaching, and will continue to be throughout the year. As a new teacher, I was concerned about how to structure my lessons, what to teach etc. The lesson plan library is a massive wealth of knowledge and past lessons that really gives you a good understanding of what to teach and how to deliver the lessons, as well as inspiring new topics I may not have thought about teaching”!





Rebecca Gorman-Carter – The library has helped me a lot when i didn’t know how to do the power points or wasn’t sure on what to included I used it a lot for reference, it is in helpful in showing what should be or what shouldn’t be included in lessons”.







Patrick O Donovan – The lesson plan library can be a life saver. Either when you need inspiration or your back is against the wall. It was especially useful when I first started so I could create a structure and style that suited me”.





Hayley Cottrell –  ”Without the lesson plans that Andrew had sent me I probably would of panicked. There are so many different topics to choose from, you would never have to think of a lesson again. You can modify them too if you so desire, but the general information provided is very helpful especially as they vary to suit different age groups. They also give you an idea of the standard of English you need to provide. I completely over complicated my presentations and after seeing the lessons plans I realised they should be more simple and to the point so my overall teaching has improved”.




Charlie Frost – The lesson plan library offers more than exact ways to teach individual subjects. The diversity of activities and techniques detailed throughout the library gives me inspiration and ideas for my own lessons”.