Liam (Guiyang)


Company review

The China Teaching Experience are the reason behind my incredible journey spent in Guiyang, China, of course I am incredibly grateful for this however my gratitude for the company is partnered greatly with admiration, of which completely revolves around the company structure, handling and morals.

To begin, the most prominent feature of the company is that it is handled almost singularly by one person, of course it goes without saying there are many partners and organizations involved, however the company itself is dealt with pretty much by the solo act of which is Andrew. The benefits of this is that you will develop a very personal relationship over the course of the application process, along with time spent in China. This personal relationship will reflect in casual unrelated conversations, jokes and planning for future social gatherings, to name but a few. Despite this great positive of the company, it has a sharp contrast to be tied along with it; this being the professionalism of the man himself and the companies he transacts with. The company is very efficient with there handling of data, protocol and all things tied with going to China, such as the Visa process, flights, insurance and contracts, not a single detail is missed. The efficiency of this kind of work model really is an incredible thing to be a part of, something for potential future business owners to in fact learn from.

All things are handled very well by The China Teaching Experience, any issues are dealt with accordingly, everything is organized and structured to near perfection, as can be exampled by the training camp and tourism experienced in Beijing. This partnered with the friendly smile the company naturally portrays, I could not recommend them enough. The entire premise I am putting forward really comes down to the experience factor, not just in China but prior, this has the up most importance as moving to a foreign country is such a big deal. Therefore feeling comfortable, relaxed and friendly with the company and other applicants along with the credibility of their partners and reassurance that comes with the professionalism of all occurrences, It can be nothing but recommended, exampled by my friend using this company next year and my desire to help the company as often as possible.


During my stay in China so far, an incredible positive has been the paid holidays provided during the winter break, initially it was promised to be one month but luckily with my school it was 2! 

During this 2 month holiday the highlight was 2 weeks of which my good friend from England came to visit, of which I shall discuss here.

He first arrived at about 11pm on a Tuesday, my school graciously provided me and him a hotel to stay in for the following two weeks out of good will, the location of which being in the hub of the city. So when we got back to to the hotel after his arrival, of course it goes without saying we got a few horrible 58% shots down us, couple of cans whilst brushing ourselves down then hit the clubs, had to be done. We literally went out every night bar a few where we was traveling, of which I will get to later. However I think it is important just to stress how quality the night life is here. Luckily, in the part of China I live in, foreigners are very rare so the special treatment really is something to behold, to put it simply, I have yet to pay for a drink during my stay here, besides the odd one at pre-drinks of course. Me and my friend would walk into bars and be grabbed pretty quickly by groups of people offering us drinks, getting VIP in clubs, free champagne, free whiskey, free beer, you name it. Nothing compares to it in England, probably the closest you’ll come to feeling like a celebrity, along with all the pictures being taken and swarms of girls wanting to dance with you. The musics not so bad either, every night is like being in a dirty rave, love it!

 We didn’t only just get on it of course, despite it being fun to relive the uni life, we spent the day time trying local cuisine, seeing the sights of the city such as coffee on rooftops, temples, parks, a place called HuaGuoYuan which really can rival times square. Following the week spent in Chinaluf we actually went to do responsible adult things, which was going to see the beautiful ZhangJiaJie, incredible place! However getting there was absolutely horrific. Basically spent 13 hours, hungover, on a loud, hot, packed Chinese working class train, on a the most uncomfortable seat imaginable, probably managed about 5 minutes sleep the entire time, of which of course Chinese took pictures of us because 2 white people sleeping is such a crazy sight!

Once we arrived in ZhangJiaJie it was all worth it though, the sights can only be described as magical, truly amazing. The climb up the mountains where just as fun as the top itself, covered in monkeys and snow, a once in a lifetime experience. We didn’t only see the mountains though, went to some authentic temples, met minority people, had some weird tea seminar, no idea why, don’t really like tea but when in China and all that. 

Unfortunately I can’t go into too great detail on a lot of things, they aren’t very PG, however our time in the city could rival that what would be spent in Magaluf. Jokes aside, really was an incredible experience, all of which was done whilst being paid just caps it off quite nicely. Feels quite good writing this casually too, do not miss writing assignments. This is definitely better, so good in fact that I’ll be undoubtedly staying for longer. 

Can not recommend this enough, see you all next year.