Long Stay Travel Insurance

The following information has been provided to us by the only long-stay travel insurance specialists in the UK.


All travellers, including returners, need comprehensive Travel Insurance for the duration of their travels overseas.

You have exposure pre-departure, for cancellation, in transit, in the overseas country, for repatriation, and if you wish to travel, including returning back to the UK, etc. Without proper protection, the potential costs for repatriation could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Your choice of Comprehensive (Orbit Excel) – lots of sections of cover including the three main sections of all claims:

  • Medical – £10,000,000
  • Cancellation/Curtailment – £5,000
  • Personal Possessions – £2,000

or Basic – just the THREE sections noted above

Example Premiums:

  • EXCEL     11/12 MONTHS WORLDWIDE       £330.29 / £355.50
  • BASIC      11/12 MONTHS WORLDWIDE       £264.22  / £284.40

Cover is even available if you have already left the UK.

Please Note: These schemes are leisure travel insurance only and do not provide benefits of cover for Private Health Care. All decisions relating to the authorisation of any Medical treatment and/or course of action such as Repatriation are made by the Underwriter’s Medical Assistance Company with the best interest of the insured.

For more information please visit our partners webpage by clicking here to obtain a quotation and complete the purchase online.  Your choice of Orbit Excel (comprehensive) or Orbit Basic, and the full information regarding cover etc can also be found there.

Any worries, just call Brian on 07837 524144 or email: info@coeconnections.co.uk