Online SSP

All applicants, once out in China, are given access to our very own online SSP (sharing and support platform). This platform contains useful information on topics such as Transport, Banking, Wifi, WeChat wallet, Useful Apps, Culture Shock, Teaching English, Learning Mandarin, Calling Home, Common Issues, etc. As well as its’ initial information, applicants can edit it, adding helpful tips for the whole group to benefit from! Below ares some examples:

We asked a couple of applicants what they thought about the online SSP. Here is what they said:

Andrew Thompson, CHINA 2017 – ”The SSP is a useful online tool available to applicants. It provides information and experiences from current and previous applicants about experiences and situations that you are likely to find yourself in. The SSP can be used for a variety of scenarios from opening bank accounts, to negotiating office hours and perks with your school. The SSP is regularly updated as people find better ways to solve solutions making it a very useful tool. The SSP also has all of the information in one easy to access place unlike using google where you may have to go through many conflicting answers”. 



Daniel Norman, CHINA 2017 –  Once I arrived in China Andrew had set up the online shared support platform. It’s a great place to find information about apps and general helpful shortcuts for Chinese life but also somewhere you can share useful information that you have found to help others”.





Charmi Patel, CHINA 2017 – The online SSP has been a great tool in helping me settle into my new home. It contains the smaller details that really make life easier (delivery food apps and WeChat wallet)”.