Philip (Guangdong)


Right of the bat, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to spend a year in China, and I probably couldn’t have gotten any luckier with regards to finding a company to facilitate and aid with the transition to China.

Andrew and The China Teaching Experience were incredibly helpful with everything, from sorting out all the visa documents, to helping with any issues I might have had when I arrived in China and started working at the school. They were quite literally there every step of the way, which was very comforting and took the edge off of what was quite a daunting and stressful task and made the whole process that much smoother and easier, and as I write this review from my super comfortable flat in Guangdong province, I know that I can easily contact Andrew and sort out any concerns I might have with the school or otherwise.

I found out about The China Teaching Experience through my university, which Andrew went to and gave a presentation. Before attending the presentation, I wasn’t quite sure what it is I wanted to do once I had graduated, as I’m sure is the case with many students in their last year of university. I only knew I wanted to do some more travelling, and China was one of the many countries I really wanted to visit, but I was quite unsure of just how to do so while making a living. Suffice to say, I was sold on China and The China Teaching Experience after Andrew’s presentation, so soon after I applied and thankfully, got accepted.

The time in China has been been equally smooth, albeit less stressful and much more enjoyable than the application process!

The school I’m working at has been enormously helpful in terms of acclimating to the Chinese cultural and procedural differences. They were also very patient and supportive when it came to showing me how to actually teach, as, honestly, I wasn’t very good at it and found the first couple of months to be a bit of a struggle. But like I said, they were very, very helpful and I’m happy to say that my teaching skills have improved substantially, and being a teacher at my school is really a joy.

The actual experience of living in China is also incredibly fun and enjoyable! The food is amazing, I can’t praise Chinese cuisine enough, and would recommend anyone visit China for the food alone. The people here in general are, much like at my school, incredibly friendly and helpful which really helps overcome the fact that one is so far from home. Now, granted, I’ve really enjoyed my stay in China thus far (which I think I’ve made amply clear), and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so, but I think it’s important to note that there really are some hurdles and factors that require overcoming on the part of the applicant, such as the language barrier, “strange” foods, or some cultural differences here and there. But so long as you keep an open mind and are willing to make this a great experience I’m positive it’ll be just that!