China 2019 – Standard Option

Partner schools are spread all over the country. Some examples include:


Chongqing has the largest population of all Chinese cities. There are an estimated 30 million people living in this fascinating municipality. Owed to its inland location however (no ports etc), Chongqing remains relatively un-westernised! It is quite ‘off the beaten track’, and essentially ‘hidden from world view’. There is therefore less emphasis on making Chongqing as ‘presentable’ as the likes of Shanghai or Beijing. This enables you to experience quite an authentic ‘Chinese mega-city’.


GuizhouGuizhou Province is a semi-rural alternative to the larger cities available to you. The majority of the Guizhou partner schools are situated in the capital city of the province, Guiyang. With a population of 4 million people, Guiyang is not as rural as you may be inclined to presume! One or two of the Guizhou partner schools however are situated in smaller regions throughout the province.

Below, one of our Guizhou Province (Guiyang) applicants shares her experiences:


Guangdong Province is a stones throw from Hong Kong, and boasts a business orientated, western vibe. It is relatively affluent, organised, and clean. It has a lot of industry, and quite a high percentage of the world’s electronics have been produced in this region. In Guangdong you can expect to wear shorts and a t-shirt for 6 months of the year!


Below, one of our China 2015 applicants shows us around this fantastic city:


Below, some of our Foshan applicants show us what they have been getting up to in their city:


There are partner institutions at all levels, including Primary School, High School, College and University. As you may imagine, the specifics of your teaching requirements may vary depending on the level that you are teaching. Generally speaking however, you will be concentrating primarily on the Oral English development of your students.


Generally speaking, successful applicants are given ‘a placement’. We do not guarantee specific provinces, cities or student age groups. Chinese regulations are forever changing, and it is just not possible for us to assure you that a given region will accept your application. You are however free to identify regional and/or student age group (primary school, high school, college, university) preferences in your application. Every possible effort will be made by The China Teaching Experience to satisfy your locational, and indeed level of teaching preferences as closely as possible. The point we want you to understand however is that it is not entirely up to us. Before any official invitation papers can be issued to you, two things need to happen: Firstly, a school must accept your application, and secondly, that school must have your application approved by local government in that region. Applicants are therefore asked to think flexibly when it comes to location and/or age group.


We can place couples in the same institution, and friends in the same placement location (potentially even the same institution). Please just make it known during your Skype interview that you are applying as part of a two-some/group!


The cost of living in China is substantially lower than the U.K. To appreciate the spending power of your salary, you can generally multiply it by about 2 or 3 times (that is to say that making £500/month in China should enable a lifestyle roughly the same as you would have were you making £1250/month in the UK). 

The China Teaching Experience has worked to ensure that the salaries in all placement locations are more than enough for our applicants to live comfortably in that location. In fact, in each case, it is quite likely that you will be able to save some money too.

If you wish to do some extra hours at your school, it is highly likely that you will be paid overtime. You certainly won’t ‘need’ to do this, but it’s an option for those looking to make extra cash.