South Korea Programme

We have recently launched a South Korea option. Our first group of SK applicants will be setting off in February 2022.

We are now recruiting for our August/September 2022 start.

Places Available: 15

Programme Support Fee: £1399 (includes semi-intensive 1 month online TEFL course prior to departure).

Fee is reduced to £899 if applicant has already payed China Teaching Experience support fee during covid-19 times, but did not depart for China. Please note that this £899 does not include the semi-intensive 1 month online TEFL course prior to departure. Instead, these applicants can use the online TEFL course they completed as part of their CTE application.

There are both Public Schools and Hagwons (private after-school centres) available. Applicants can put a preference for one or the other, and whilst every effort to match the preference will be made, no guarantees can be made. Once accepted onto the programme (and a support fee payment or part-payment is made) you are guaranteed a placement.

Note on public schools: All public school placements go via one single channel, which means that your public school application is either accepted or rejected (a couple of weeks/months into your application). The Hagwons are totally different. We are connected to nearly 100 of them, scattered all around the country. If one Hagwon doesn’t accept you, another one will. For these reasons, it is fair to say that applicants have a considerably lower likelihood of having a public school preference matched than they do a Hagwon. Our partners in South Korea however are very good at helping us prep the public school applications. This will work to your advantage.

Salary in both options (Public Schools & Hagwons): Roughly £1,400/month + Free Accommodation + One-Way Flight Refund

Note of caution in terms of expectations:

Working culture in South Korea is intense. This option is not a ‘gap year’, or a holiday. It is a full-time working commitment. Applicants work 9 hour days (teaching classes 4 [public schools] – 6 [Hagwons] hours per day), Monday through Friday. Holidays are minimal (Public Schools 4/52 weeks, Hagwons 2/52 weeks). Contract is 12 months duration.

Those wanting a more relaxed option should consider our China or Thailand opportunities.

More details & new website coming soon.