Start Any Date

With the Start Any Date option, you can literally come to China any time you want. There will always be a placement available. The placement may however be at a private kindergarten or language centre, as opposed to a public school. Kindergartens & language centres take teachers all year round, unlike public schools, which tend to hire at the start of semesters (August/September & February). That being said, it is sometimes possible to get a public school under the Start Any Date option. It tends to be if somebody unexpectedly has to leave China early etc. We get the odd randomly-timed request from public schools basically. We can’t guarantee this, but you can request it as a possibility. Applicants should be aware that compared to public schools, private kindergartens & language centres have significantly fewer holidays, heavier working hours, and a significantly higher salary (between about 1000 and 2500 pounds per month). You may recall that our public school salaries are more around the 800-1200 pounds per month mark. You may wonder why the private kindergartens & language centre salaries vary between 1000 and 2500 pounds per month. Well, generally speaking, the longer the working hours (45 hours per week, versus 20 for example), the higher the salary! Accommodation varies between contracts (sometimes it is included, sometimes it is not, sometimes you get money towards it etc), but basically, if you want a contract with accommodation included just let us know and that’s totally fine. As you can probably imagine, free accommodation brings the salary down a bit.

So who is the Start Any Date option for? Well, it is for anybody that wants to go to China at a time other than August, or anybody who wants to make a lot of money. This means however that you might head out to China on your own, or as part of a small group. That being said, we can see that you are placed nearby some of the most recent 50 applicants if you like. We can also put you in touch with those guys before you head out to China, so you will still of course feel part of The China Teaching Experience community.

We need about 12 weeks to get you out to China (from date of your first support fee instalment). If you want to get to China quicker than this, let us know, and we will deal with it on a case by case basis.

Click here to see what the Start Any Date Application Process looks like!

Start Any Date SUPPORT FEE: £499

FREE TEFL: Start Any Date applicants complete a 120/180-hour online TEFL qualification before heading out to China, paid for by The China Teaching Experience. It only actually takes 35-40 hours to do. These applicants do not attend any physical training camp in China before their placement. Why? We need a big group of applicants to do the physical TEFL training in Beijing. We can’t arrange it for just one or two people on their own, or we’d end up having to charge applicants far more than we do.


VISA UK Passports £150-£330 (depending whether you do it through our partner VISA agency, another agency of your choice, or directly with the Chinese consulate/embassy, & whether you go for 3 or 4 working-day processing). Non-UK passports – You can apply for your VISA in your home country – it tends to be far cheaper than the UK price, typically somewhere in the region of £30-£100.

TRAVEL INSURANCE The one linked on our website (‘Longstay Travel Insurance’ Tab) is about £300 for the whole year! Most applicants will likely go with that option. Alternatively you can look around the market for an alternative of your choice. Please just be careful that whichever one you buy does actually cover you for what you are going to be doing!

VACCINATIONS Variable. It massively depends on what you decide to get, and where you decide to get it. Some applicants spend nothing, while some applicants spend hundreds. The average spend tends to be about £50.


NOTARISATION & LEGALISATION OF 2 or 3 DOCUMENTS (Degree Certificate & Criminal Record Check in all regions, TEFL Certificate in most regions) – £185 per document, with an agency in London (process is done by post however).

INITIAL SPENDING MONEY You will start earning money as soon as you arrive in your city, but do bear in mind that your salary for the first month will not be payed until you have already been in China a month ish, and so, you would of course need to bring about £500 as month 1 spending money.

MEDICAL All applicants are required to undergo a full medical examination upon arrival, IN CHINA. The cost of such is about £50, and is almost always (roughly 90% of applicants) covered by your school. In addition to this however, there is a pre-China element associated to your medical. This pre-China element varies region to region, year to year. There are 3 different scenarios that may occur: 1 – You may be lucky, and may simply be required to write a declaration, stating that you are ”fit and well enough to live in China, for 10 months”. 2 – You might be slightly less lucky, and require a doctors note (GP), stating you are ”fit and well to go to China for a year, to teach English” 3 – Unluckiest of all, you might require a 1 or 2-page medical document be completed by a UK doctor. The China Teaching Experience will give you this document, and there should be minimal costs involved (most applicants manage to get it done for free, while a handful of applicants have had to pay anything from £10-£200 for it. It seems to very much come down to how and where you ask for it. The average amount paid for it, by our applicants over the last 5 years, has been about £30). If potential medical costs are a concern for you, why not ask to be placed in a region that tends only to require option 1 above?

Please note that the medical, criminal record, vaccinations and travel insurance costs referenced here are UK applicant costs. Applicants from countries other than the UK are themselves advised to research the cost of everything before deciding to take part.