Start Any Date

The Start Any Date option is what we use for any application outside of our August/September start date.

We are currently taking Start Any Date applications for a Feb 2022 start ONLY. All going well, Covid-19 wise, you can expect to head out to China mid February of next year, and finish in January of the following year (completing 2 academic semesters). Your application will also benefit from an additional 6 months deferral flexibility, meaning that you can later choose to delay your departure until Aug/Sep 2022, if you wish, for any reason whatsoever. So too may your departure be pushed back to Aug/Sep 2022, against your wishes, due to any number of Covid-19 complications, including but not limited to issues with airlines, issues with visas, issues with vaccinations, issues with embassies, border closures, delayed graduation ceremonies, Chinese schools putting a halt on their recruitment either by choice or by law).

Support Fee: £399/£499/£599

The support fee for Start Any Date is £599 if you decide to split the payment in two halves (the first payable to start the TEFL course and application process, the second payable when you sign a contract). The £599 fee is reduced to £499 if you clear the balance in one go at the start of your application. A further discount of £100 is also available if you have a qualifying TEFL already, reducing the fee to either £499 (2 instalments) or £399 (1 instalment).

FREE TEFL: Start Any Date applicants complete a 120/180-hour online TEFL qualification before heading out to China, paid for by The China Teaching Experience. It only actually takes 35-40 hours to do.

How long does the application take? About 16 weeks.

Where are the placements? The school types on this option vary. You may be placed at a public schoolprivate school or kindergarten, in one of any number of Chinese cities. Public schools tend to have the lowest weekly workloads & highest amount of holidays. Roughly 85% of applicants on this option are placed at public schools.

So how is your placement decided? Applicants complete a preferences form, where they let us know their preferred school type. We then work to match you to your preferences. We cannot guarantee the preferences (it is outside of our control), but we are pretty good at it.

Flights & Accommodation – Most contracts (about 85% of them) provide flight reimbursement (up to about £800-£1100), and free accommodation for the duration of the contract. Some higher paying jobs do not (about 15%). You are free to submit a preference on either of these two aspects, and can also reject any contract that fails to give you what you want. We will then search for an alternative. In other words, if you want a contract with free accommodation and a flight reimbursement, you can have it, guaranteed.

Click here to see what the Start Any Date (Feb 2022 departure) Application Process looks like!


VISA UK Passports £160-£300 (depending whether you do it through our partner VISA agency, another agency of your choice, or directly with the Chinese consulate/embassy, & whether you go for 3 or 4 working-day processing). 85% of applicants pay just £160.

TRAVEL INSURANCE The one linked on our website (‘Longstay Travel Insurance’ Tab) is about £390 for the whole year! Most applicants will likely go with that option. Alternatively you can look around the market for an alternative of your choice. Please just be careful that whichever one you buy does actually cover you for what you are going to be doing!

VACCINATIONS Variable. It massively depends on what you decide to get, and where you decide to get it. Some applicants spend nothing, while some applicants spend hundreds. The average spend tends to be about £50.


NOTARISATION & LEGALISATION OF YOUR DOCUMENTATIONwith an agency in London (process is done by post however) £350

INITIAL SPENDING MONEY You will start earning money as soon as you arrive in your city, but do bear in mind that your salary for the first month will not be payed until you have already been in China a month ish, and so, you would of course need to bring about £500 as month 1 spending money.

MEDICAL All applicants are required to undergo a full medical examination upon arrival, IN CHINA. The cost of such is about £50, and is almost always (roughly 90% of applicants) covered by your school. In addition to this however, there is a pre-China element associated to your medical. This pre-China element varies region to region, year to year. There are 3 different scenarios that may occur: 1 – You may be lucky, and may simply be required to write a declaration, stating that you are ”fit and well enough to live in China, for 10 months”. 2 – You might be slightly less lucky, and require a doctors note (GP), stating you are ”fit and well to go to China for a year, to teach English” 3 – Unluckiest of all, you might require a 1 or 2-page medical document be completed by a UK doctor. The China Teaching Experience will give you this document, and there should be minimal costs involved (most applicants manage to get it done for free, while a handful of applicants have had to pay anything from £10-£200 for it. It seems to very much come down to how and where you ask for it. The average amount paid for it, by our applicants over the last 5 years, has been about £30). If potential medical costs are a concern for you, why not ask to be placed in a region that tends only to require option 1 above?

Please note that the medical, criminal record, vaccinations and travel insurance costs referenced here are UK applicant costs. Applicants from countries other than the UK are themselves advised to research the cost of everything before deciding to take part.