Staying longer than 10 months

When The China Teaching Experience first started out, we expected applicants to come to China on a 10 month placement, have a great time, and then return to the UK. We didn’t really consider the possibility of people staying out in China for a second year. It didn’t take long however to notice that roughly 50% of our applicants were not coming back home after their initial contract expired – they were instead staying for a second year! Such a high percentage was a huge surprise – and of course, a welcomed one! It only got better too. In 2018, we learned that about 75% of our China 2017 applicants were, upon completion of their contracts, staying out in China for another year! We decided to ask them why:

Or you might never leave, like China 2015 applicant Libby, who is still there! Below, she explains the reasons why: