Natasha (Shanghai)


After graduating from university, I was looking for a bit of adventure and to try something different. Moving to Asia was something I’d always wanted to do, so when I received an email about The China Teaching Experience I was immediately intrigued. I decided to attend the presentation that was being given at my university by Andrew (Company Director) about the CTE. The detailed presentation alone was enough to convince me that this was something I wanted to do, and I applied straight away. The application process itself was smooth and simple. A few days after a relaxed Skype interview with Andrew, in which we talked not only about the programme but also our hobbies/interests and what we were like as people, my friend and I were informed that we had been successful in our application to join the programme. Andrew sent us a detailed list on what was expected from us for our application, everything from applying for visas and health checks to our TEFL training. Throughout the process he made sure that we were up to date with what stages we should be at and what we need to do next. Not only this, but he also sent out little tidbits of what life was going to be like in china, places to visit, and things such as what translation apps we should consider downloading to fight the language barrier!

The CTE is a small company in comparison to other TEFL ones available, and this definitely gives it a nice personal feel. The company referred to us each by name rather than a code or a number, and when we met Andrew in Beijing for training, we already felt like we knew him well. Not only this, but if we ever had questions, no matter how ridiculous, Andrew would be quick to reply to them, usually within the hour – even if it was during the night! If something was going wrong somewhere in the application process, Andrew would be at hand to help, and tell us not to stress over things too much. I couldn’t recommend The China Teaching Experience more to anyone who wants to try something completely different. The company offers a quick and easy way to the adventure of a lifetime, and one that you certainly will not forget!