Due to its relatively short duration (4-5 months), this option is best seen as a foot in the door, an internship, or a starter placement. It will get your TEFL journey off the ground, and it will give you the experience you likely need to feel comfortable applying for future TEFL jobs. This may be for the following semester in Thailand, or it may be elsewhere in the world, in the years that follow.

The next start date is early May 2022 – We are currently accepting applications and will be doing so up until about December 31st 2021. We are also currently accepting applications for our October 2022 start date, and will continue to do so until all 20 places have been taken.

Key Information:

  • Currently open to native English speakers, with an undergraduate degree in anything, and with no criminal record
  • 1 semester (roughly 5 months) placement, with possibility to extend for another semester
  • Monthly salary of about 33k Thai Baht – This equates to about 1,000 US dollars per month
  • 7.30am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday
  • Teach English at a Kindergarten, Primary School, or High School
  • Placements are in smaller towns and locations across the country, allowing applicants to experience the ”true Thailand”
  • Free Accommodation for the duration
  • Induction on arrival (via our Thailand partners)
  • In-country support (via our Thailand partners)
  • Opportunity to spend 1 or 2 months travelling around Thailand after contract finishes

Application, Training & Support Fee: £699. This price includes a 120-hour online TEFL course, prior to departure, as well as complete help and assistance throughout the VISA application and placement process. Applicants already holding an eligible TEFL qualification will receive a small discount on their fee.

Fee is reduced to £200 if applicant has already payed China Teaching Experience support fee during covid-19 times, but did not depart for China.

The £699 is split into 2 equal payments over time.

Full Financial & Timescale Information can be viewed here for May 2022 & here for October 2022.

Groups can apply together, but a maximum of 2 friends/a couple should expect to be placed together.

The most frequent question we receive is whether applicants can expect to be placed alongside other applicants, at the same school, or within the same town/meeting up distance. The majority of applicants (about 80%) are placed in groups of 2-5. This is either at the same school or within about 20 minutes from each other. About 20% are placed in groups of 5-15, and a handful of applicants are placed on their own. Applicants are free to submit a preference on this element, and whilst not guaranteed, every effort to match it will be made. If you don’t want to be placed alone, just let us know in your initial call.

Note of caution in terms of expectations:

You won’t be placed in the capital city, or ‘on the beach’. Whilst there will of course be a little bit of that (on arrival, some weekends/holidays, or indeed after your contract finishes up), 95% of your 5 month placement is going to be spent in a small town or city, anywhere from 3-12 hours away from the typical tourist ‘hot spots’. This will be challenging at times, and is something you need to carefully think about before applying. You will be part of local Thai life. You will be going to work in the mornings, eating out in the evenings, and going to the local gym/bars/attractions on the weekends.