TEFL-Only Option


Besides our China placements, we also offer a TEFL-Only option. This option is great for those who wish to ‘test the TEFL water’, so to speak, & are not yet quite ready to commit to a placement.

Under this option, you pay just £124.99, and we send you logon details to an online 120-hour/180-hour TEFL (it doesn’t actually take 120/180 hours to complete, it takes most people about 40/50 hours, but the important thing is that it is classed as either 120/180 hours).

Our guarantee to you is that (at the time of your purchase), the TEFL we give you will work in China (because many TEFLs do not).

What happens once you’ve completed the TEFL, you may ask? Well, you’ve got 2 options:

1: Nothing else happens. We send you the logon details to your online TEFL, you complete it, and you disappear off into the woodwork. You may find your own job by yourself, through another company etc, or you may just not ever find any TEFL job anywhere. You may even decide not to finish the online TEFL! It’s totally up to you. No pressure at all basically!

2: You complete the online TEFL, and you ask us to find you a job in China! (The TEFL is of course valid outside of China too, but we only have TEFL job links in China you see).

  • We then invite you to apply for either of the following (your choice):

A – Our ‘All Year Round Start Date‘ option

B – Our August start option.

Provided you pass our brief application process (the same process those who directly apply for one of our placement opportunities go through), we’ll refund your £124.99, and welcome you onto our All Year Round Start Date or August start opportunity.

We don’t at all mind whether you go with option 1 or option 2 above. Nor do you need to decide at the time of TEFL payment. You can decide later.

To apply for this TEFL-only option, simply complete the form below. We will get in touch with you to finalise payment of the £124.99. You’ll then receive your online TEFL logon details, and will have roughly 6 months to complete it.