China 2020 applicants are given a free TEFL, as part of their application. To date, it has always been the SAFEA TEFL detailed on this page. This TEFL however is provided to our applicants by our Chinese partners and not by ourselves. In an event where our Chinese partners were ever unable to provide it, The China Teaching Experience will provide an alternative TEFL course to all applicants, free of charge.


The TEFL course is a mix of online (before China) and real-life (in Beijing, in August) tuition, and is authorised by the department of Culture and Educational Experts, of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), and is officially recognised throughout China.


1 – Teaching Methodology

2 – Lesson Planning

3 – Pronunciation & Phonetics

4 – Principles of TEFL

5 – Chinese Institutions

6 – Living in China

7 – Chinese Law & Regulation

Please Note: Applicants who miss the August induction camp (for reasons outside of their control – Eg: VISA delays on the China side), do not receive a physical TEFL certificate, but instead receive an electronic version, which still enables them to work for the year! If these applicants wish to change schools at the end of the year however, they would need to do another TEFL (unconnected with The China Teaching Experience). That is because the electronic TEFL version does not work for a second year placement in a NEW school.