Wechat is going to play quite a significant role in your social interaction over the coming months! It is similar to the likes of WhatsApp, and is the primary social media application used in China. Not only will you be using Wechat IN CHINA, but you will be using it before getting to China as well. In fact, you will be using it from as early as April time, to interact with your fellow applicants, and Chinese host school. You will be added to a number of ‘group chats’ between April and August, each chat dealing with a different topic (for example VISA, medical, vaccinations, criminal record, general chit chat, etc). Feedback from previous applicants has been fantastic. Applicants also use these group chats once out in China, to share tips and advice with each other (for example: ‘which washing powder should I use’, ‘which sim card should I buy’ etc). The aim of this is that you never feel ‘alone’, but instead feel part of an encouraging, positive, & helpful community of people, all in exactly the same situation as yourself. Group meet-ups and social gatherings etc are also commonly discussed in the group chats while out in China! Full instructions on how to download the app, and set up a profile (free of charge) will be issued to all applicants at the end of March.