All Year Round Start Date Option

This option is completely separate to China 2018, China 2019, and so on. On the All Year Round Start Date option, you will likely be placed at a private kindergarten or language centre, as opposed to a public school. Kindergartens & language centres take teachers all year round, unlike public schools, which tend to hire only in August/September. Occasionally however, there is an option to work at a public school on this option (this can be your preference if you like). Compared to public schools, private kindergartens & language centres have significantly fewer holidays, heavier working hours, and a significantly higher salary.

We basically use this option for anybody that applies during the year and wants to go to China at a time other than mid August. This means that you might head out to China on your own, or with a small group of 5 people etc (you won’t go with a group of 50 people, such as with the August start option). That being said, we can try and have you placed nearby some of the previous big group of applicants if you like. We can also put you in touch with those guys before you head out to China.

We need about 10 weeks to get you out to China (from date of support fee payment). If you want to get to China quicker than this, let us know, and we will deal with it on a case by case basis.


The support fee for this option is £599. All other costs remain much the same as China 2019 – Please click here for details on those costs:


Applicants on this ‘All Year Round Star Date‘ option do not do the same TEFL as our August start applicants. They do an alternative 120-hour online TEFL qualification instead (before heading out to China). They do not attend any physical training camp in China before their placement. Why? We need a big group of applicants to do the physical TEFL training in Beijing. We can’t arrange it for just one or two people on their own, or we’d end up having to charge applicants far more than £599. Our priority is to keep your initial costs as low as possible!

We will cover your TEFL legalisation fee (£145):

As with the August start option, there is no additional cost to you for the TEFL qualification on this option! Note too that on this option, The China Teaching Experience will cover a £145 TEFL legalisation fee (via ChinaVisaDirect) for you, during the application process! (The reason we do this is because the TEFL done by our August start applicants [China 2019, China 2020 etc] does not need to be legalised, and so, we don’t want our All Year Round Start Date applicants to have to pay a £145 TEFL legalisation fee that our August start applicants do not have to pay)! It’s basically our attempt to keep the cost of both options (August start and All Year Round Start Date option) fairly even!